Well this swing seat at sox towers has been dismantled. In a few days time the removals guys will come and most of our stuff will be in storage. … More Going


With lots of girls attending sparkle I thought a light-hearted quiz would help and enlighten girls in a similar position to myself. … More Quiz


Waves could be heard as the ship cut its way through the ocean. The suns orb was kissing the horizon and casting the last of its light on the rippled water. Bright blue sky’s faded to darkness as the stars began to welcome the night and started to twinkle. … More Tolerance


It saddens me that trans people in America are having to put up with right wing led, bigoted laws and Donald Trump. The human race really hasn’t moved on. … More Fart


The multi-story car park was the usual dingy concrete affair with bashed exit doors and a strange smell. I felt out of place in my heels and tight fitting Collectif dress. I was feeling all glam, walking in this place didn’t seem to feel right. … More Bristol


The mug sat atop its coaster on the side of the square wooden coffee table. A crescent moon of pink lipstick along its edge gave the impression that a female had emptied its contents. Beside it was a clean empty tea plate, not a crumb obscured the willow pattern. In fact no cake or biscuit … More Cake