I think that I am a person who is difficult to offend and I do think we should laugh at ourselves every now and then but this time I didn’t see the funny side to Alan’s sketches in his show. The humour seemed to be based around Alan Carr in a dress. Every sketch seemed to be relying on the fact that a guy in a dress is funny. I find that offensive. … More Offended

Patent pending

I was stood there in airport security being rubbed over with a metal detector. I had set off the big thing you walk through. I thought I had emptied my pockets but I had forgot the mascara inside my fleece pocket … More Patent pending

A rainy night

Rain lashed against the windscreen as the wiper blades struggled to clear the water. The darkness of the night was illuminated by the cars around me and the blur of brake lights temporarily blinded my vision. I was late leaving work again and I wanted to be home putting on my makeup and slipping into … More A rainy night