My suit case for the weekend was so big it was the only thing that would fit in the boot. Mrs Sox’s rather small case had to go on the back seat. For weekends away this was a normal thing🙂 … More Bno

Its been a while

Well, its been a while. I do appologise to the few that follow me. I have been busy with boring stuff and trying to sort out my health problems. With some things the doctors have no clue. No pills and potions from big pharma make any difference but fortunately, slowly, things are improving on their … More Its been a while

The law of sod

I enjoy gardening, I find it relaxing and rewarding. A little bit of a tidy up here, a move of a plant there, can make things look so much nicer. The lawn though, after a dry spell always starts to look a little worse because of the lack of rain, so I don’t mow it … More The law of sod