Outside the weather was cold and grey but inside Sox towers the fire was roaring and the place was warm. The sound of a kenwood mixing machine was coming from the kitchen and the aroma of baking hung in the air. It’s been a while since Mrs Sox and I have had a day to … More Cookies

Christmas at Pinks

The wardrobe door swung open and a mirror glinted into view. I was relieved. On first entering the hotel room it looked like there was nothing to do my make up in. That grey haired guy was there too, his hair was getting longer and more wrinkles were appearing on his face. He would be … More Christmas at Pinks

The selfie

Sitting on the bed in our hotel room Mrs Sox is putting the last touches to her makeup. Mirror before me phone in hand. whats a girl to do ?

‘T’ life

A guy at work got ink on his eyelid. He had got it on his hand when his pen leaked and he had unknowingly wiped his eye. It became funny because someone made the connection with eye makeup and said that he called himself Tracy at the weekend. I do think that these jokes would … More ‘T’ life


The sun was casting its light through the window, its rays brightly reflecting like burning phosphorous off the white sheets. I could hear the soft breathing of my partner as she lay, still asleep, her golden hair glinting in the morning light and the slow rise and fall of the sheets like the gentle lapping … More Pride

enjoying the sun

We are on our holidays now. No work for 2 weeks. We went out last night and I had a little to much to drink. So thought I would just chill in the garden today and recover from the previous nights excess. Mrs Sox said I looked so nice that she would take a couple … More enjoying the sun


It’s been a while now since Conchita Wurst won Eurovision. I do wonder whether it’s done more harm than good. The difference between a drag queen and a transvestite still seems to confuse, as Conchita has been called both before and after her victory. For years now men donning woman’s clothing on television has not … More Acceptance