Working away

My theory about if you make cakes the energy expended in the process by the cook makes the eating of them calorie neutral is proving true. Mrs Sox’s diet is going well and she has now successfully squeezed into a pair of jeans one size smaller. … More Working away

Patent pending

I was stood there in airport security being rubbed over with a metal detector. I had set off the big thing you walk through. I thought I had emptied my pockets but I had forgot the mascara inside my fleece pocket … More Patent pending

2 Sparkle

The sun shone brightly over the Pennines, the thin ribbon of tarmacadam wound its way across them like a snake. Eighties classic songs wirelessly blue toothed to the sound system in the car were playing at a low volume as we took in the view. … More 2 Sparkle


To sparkle or not to sparkle that is the question, tis nobler to promenade in a frock than to sit at home and mope. Well if Mrs Sox and I are going to The Sparkle weekend in Manchester, it will just be for the Saturday as we are busy on the other days doing boring … More Sparkle


Another busy few weeks without being able to glam up much. On the positive side my blog has received a feature on T central and has nominated me for the ‘real neat blog award’. Daniella, thanks for the nomination. I will be answering your questions later in the week. We have just gone through … More Thanks

Two Spirits

It’s been quiet here at Sox towers recently. My work has taken far too much of my time away and so life as a t girl has had to take a back seat. I found an article in the Guardian on my lunch break. It is a review of a book about the American Indians … More Two Spirits


Mrs Sox is pottering around the house humming to herself and muttering about the tune that is stuck in her head. I am sat on the sofa admiring the way the colour of my nails compliment the colour of my skin. Sometimes the simple things brighten my day and pink nails always seem to give … More Nails