The sun was casting its light through the window, its rays brightly reflecting like burning phosphorous off the white sheets. I could hear the soft breathing of my partner as she lay, still asleep, her golden hair glinting in the morning light and the slow rise and fall of the sheets like the gentle lapping … More Pride

enjoying the sun

We are on our holidays now. No work for 2 weeks. We went out last night and I had a little to much to drink. So thought I would just chill in the garden today and recover from the previous nights excess. Mrs Sox said I looked so nice that she would take a couple … More enjoying the sun

Time slip

The earth carried on spinning but time stopped and lost all meaning. Space distorted into a swirling blur and sound muffled into a meaningless cacophony. Faces of euphoria and confusion slipped in and out of view. …. I was entering the Meadow hall shopping centre. It was a Sunday afternoon and as the festivities of … More Time slip