A bit about little old me

WIN_20150706_173702 (2)

I’ve had a few years being totally in the closet with my dressing, it was difficult getting my dress on in there so I eventually got out and ended up in the bedroom for a while and also found out how liberating it was to walk on a carpet in heels.

The change came with the world wide web and I started surfing, after a while I realized I didn’t need to balance precariously on a surf board and sat down at a desk,  I found other like-minded trans people. One of which told me about the Nottingham chameleons.

My first evening out was to the ‘chams’ meetings the other girls made me feel very welcome. I would recommend this group to anyone who is transgender.

I am out and about quite a lot so if you recognizes me please come and say hello.


A note to the ignorant and the rude people on the internet.

My pictures are my property. To use my pictures without my permission is NOT allowed. I reserve all rights to my property. My property is my creativity this includes all my pictures and my writing and everything on this site.

8 thoughts on “A bit about little old me

  1. Hello there, I have 2 blogs, one of which is a collaborative project of self portraits.
    I’m hoping that you will give me permission to include some of your own.
    Of course I would credit you and link back here to your blog.
    Have a look at the site and see what you think:
    I hope you like it.
    Oh, yes, I’m particularly fond of the second one of you sitting on the red suitcase.


      1. I’ve drafted you in your hell bunny dress – love that title! Are all the pictures on your blog taken by yourself or does your wife take some of them?
        When I’ve had time to read some more of your posts, I think I’d like to include some of your writing too. Ashley Lily x o


      2. Hi.
        The pic in the hell bunny dress is a obviously a selfie. About 50% of the pics are taken by me and the others by my wife. If there are any group pics then it may be one of my friends that may have took the pic. Pics of my gardens are totaly my pics. You are welcome to share my writing through your word press site.

        Bobby 🙂


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