My suit case for the weekend was so big it was the only thing that would fit in the boot. Mrs Sox’s rather small case had to go on the back seat. For weekends away this was a normal thing🙂

Friday Night was BNO night out at Pink punters in milton Keynes.

We hadn’t been back to this place in a few years. It’s still the fabulously run place it always has been but with refurbishments. Up stairs cocktail bar and a gin bar off that too.

The picture of me sitting down is in a make up room upstairs. Which was there last time we went but it has improvements. More mirrors😉

We had a good old dance to some 80’s classics and had a few drinks. Chatted to new people. I am terrible with names, but I will never forget a face so if I see any of you again I will say hello.🙃

I so used to be one for partying till dawn but my energy levels aren’t what they used to be. It was around 2 o’clock. Mrs Sox and I looked at each other and we both were trying to stifle a yawn we both had a chuckle about it and decided to call it a day.

It’s been ages since my feet hurt after a night out but some how it felt good.

Sox Cottage

Not too much to report at Sox cottage the tomatoes have come to an end and we have lots of green ones ripening on the kitchen windowsill. These will be made into some chutney and soup for freezing.

We have just had our first sprinkling of snow here. Made us feel very festive. Mrs Sox is now thinking of putting up a few decorations.

See you around.