T with C

Its been a while since I put finger to keyboard.

The last year and a half has been difficult at Sox cottage. The news that my illness is incurable cancer has obviously been the most difficult thing my soul mate and I have had to deal with. I have been on chemo therapy for most of this time. Extending my life so I have time to spend with my most dearest is priceless.

Most people only see the person with cancer has having no hair and looking gaunt and thin. This does happen with some types of chemotherapy but in the main most often on their good days look in the peak of health. Countless times I have been told I look well. On bad days I have a rash I have no energy, feel sick and  have tummy problems amongst others.

I am a goal driven person though. I came to Sox cottage to make a small piece of nirvana for us and that is my goal. Paradise will be a short lived thing for me but I want to leave our cottage to my family and let them reap the benefits. So that on my good days is my focus. I am lucky to have a business interest that is helping pay my bills. As an employee I would be entitled to nothing from the government even though I have always paid my taxes and never been out of work.

Our produce this year has given us 80% of our vegetables. If I was fitter we would easily be above that. Next year we will have so much fruit we will be giving most of it away to food banks.  I was going to start a beehive and keep chickens but I don’t think I have the energy for that. The summer was pretty good for us here being warm and mostly dry. The Little stream that flows by Sox Cottage didn’t run dry this year so it must have been a bit moist on the mountain.

As I write this its Ramming time so there is some pretty bulky looking rams in the field. I do hope they don’t get out, like some of the sheep tend to do from time to time. Sometimes the sheep get in the garden and we have to get them out. Removing sheep from the garden isn’t difficult but I wouldn’t like to tackle an unpredictable randy ram.

Girly Nights out have stopped but on the good days I put a bit of makeup on, which makes me feel a little better about myself. I hope at the end of this course of treatment that my tumours are being held at bay and I can get out and about. If I do I will probably revisit BNO, LFF and at least have a night out in my city of my birth.

May be I will see some of you around soon



7 thoughts on “T with C

  1. It was just last week that I was thinking about you, Bobby. I wondered how you were getting on.
    It’s good to hear that you’ve kept going and doing all you can. I hope that your plans for your family, your garden, and other wishes all come to pass.

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  2. I was talking to Lynn sometime ago after your last post disappeared rather abruptly. And we realised that the atypical IBS you mentioned was covering up something much more serious. Was hoping you would post again and let us know how your getting on.
    We are glad that you have.
    I know with your will, resolve and family, you will accomplish everything on the bucket list!
    All the best Bobby
    Keep in touch please.
    Love Abigale

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