It’s been a good and bad summer here at Sox Cottage. The weather has been very good. We managed a couple of days at Sparkle Manchester. We didn’t stay out too late in the evenings but we enjoyed the atmosphere. I meet up with Cat and we had a catch up. I haven’t seen her since her operation and she was looking radiant. We also met up with Gina, Alison and Julie, we chatted with them for a while over a drink.


Our holiday took in Brighton pride. The week leading up to it was hot enough but on the day of the parade it was very hot. There were so many floats in the parade that because of the sun and heat we were unable to watch them all go by. We had to go and get a drink and cool off in one of the many bars in the city. Cider on a boiling hot day really hits the spot. We stayed in Brighton for a few days after the pride weekend. It was a time for us to relax in the shade and watch the world go by. It also gave me a chance to get glammed up for the best part of a week and wear all my favourite dresses. Something that my health problems have prevented me from doing. Which is the bad part of the summer. I intend to write a blog specific to my diagnosis but I am still not ready to do it quite yet.


We have had a bumper crop of tomatoes and potatoes. I have planted way too much lettuce, I know for next year that we only need to sow about half the seeds I did last year. The carrots and beetroot have taken a while but are coming along nicely. Mrs Sox makes an excellent Tomato soup and is being very creative with the potatoes!

Our stream is still not running yet, I assume when it does start to flow it will bring a lot of twigs and leaves with it so we will have to watch out to make sure we don’t get a blockage.

3 thoughts on “summer

  1. Good to see you and Mrs Sox getting out and about. The hot weather seems like a boon for gardeners – I hope your tomato crop has done particularly well.

    Sorry to hear that you’ve not been 100%. Whatever it is, I hope that you’re feeling much better. ❤


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