Back in the long ago it was said that water came from the skies and the ravine at the side of the house had flowing water, creatures swam in the water and people ate them. Water is a costly commodity now and people pray for water to return.

There is a prophecy that one day when God’s blood stains the moon red the water will return and the land will turn green……………..

So it is at Sox Cottage our little stream has run dry. The grass is yellow and our pond has had to be topped up numerous times. The sky has been blue for what seems like months but just as a lunar treat is about to amaze with a red glow in the sky the clouds come in and turn the sky grey and we have torrential rain. At least it will do the garden good.

Despite the dry weather our produce is doing well. The tomatoes are coming along nicely and we are about to harvest our first potatoes of the year.

Mrs Sox and I had a nice time at sparkle. We caught up with a few people we hadn’t seen for a while and had a relaxing time. I think the days of staying out till the sun comes up are behind me. I am more of an early riser these days. At least I still see the sun come up but only after a good nights sleep.

We are looking forward to a trip to Brighton Pride and to dip our toes in the sea. I always like to wonder around the shops in Brighton. One of our favourite clothes retailers (Collectif) has a shop in the centre so it will be a chance to visit rather than just buy online.

………and so the prophecy came true. The land did become green and the people rejoiced, but after a while wondered if they would ever see the sun again.

Bathroom pic from sparkle.

2 thoughts on “water

  1. It’s been a pretty unique summer all right! I was in Wales for a day, just to catch some welcome drizzle! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make it either to Sparkle or Brighton Pride. Sue x


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