Is it safe to come out yet. Have all the nasty people gone away. Trump, May, Brexit and all their horrid friends still being Homophobic, racist, self centred, egotistical and selling their countries down the road so their rich friends can get richer?

I thought so. I am going to go back to my world were everyone is equal, a place that I can wear what I want without hearing ‘Its a tranny’. A place where flowers grow with the seasons and are pollinated by bees and insects. Where there are vegetables grown from plants that the seeds can be harvested again and again and where the birds squabble over the food on the feeder and Mrs Sox’s cakes are consumed with tea in the afternoons.

This apparently is my 101st post on this little part of the tinternet. I was going to do a segment on my greatest posts and have a bloopers bit at the end. I was going to get Ant and Dec to host the show but unfortunately one of them is not contactable. So instead I will sing to myself……..

clears throat……..

Happy 101st post to me

happy 101st post to me

happy 101st post dear meeeeyeee

Also in celebration I will be in Manchester for the Sparkle weekend. (I may have already mentioned this in another post). I am looking forward to it. Most places I go don’t feel safe but at least at the Sparkle weekend I can relax a bit.

2 thoughts on “101

  1. Congratulations on your 101st. I too wish certain sick politicians and their deranged schemes would go away. I am hoping to get to Sparkle and look forward to seeing you there if I am. Sue x


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