Its been a while

Well, its been a while. I do appologise to the few that follow me. I have been busy with boring stuff and trying to sort out my health problems. With some things the doctors have no clue. No pills and potions from big pharma make any difference but fortunately, slowly, things are improving on their own.
Sox cottage is slowly coming along although the kitchen is proving to be a pain. A well known DIY chain was drafted in to do everything unfortunately the execution of the fit was a lot less than desirable. Negotiations are ongoing so I wont reveal the company. The thing is I am now putting things right even after their botched attempts at sorting it.
I havent been out much, a lack of confidence in my bodily functions and not liking to use public toilets does not make a fun time out but the last few weeks the weather has been fab so obviously I got myself into a summer dress and went out and about. Its incredible to me that within 4 weeks of being literally snowed in we were having a cream tea and tucking into Mrs Sox’s scones in the garden. British weather always keeps you on your toes.

The garden has potatoes, carrots, lettuce, rhubarb & beetroot and I am trying the ‘three sisters’ method of growng maize, beans and squash. The polly tunnel has similar crops but with the addition of 2 varieties of tomatoes.
The plan this year is to get ourselves to Brighton Pride and do Sparkle this year. The hotel is booked for Pride and I am looking at hotels for Sparkle later. If you see me and Mrs Sox promenading along Brighton pier or on Canal street please do say hello.

4 thoughts on “Its been a while

  1. Good to see your enjoying the weather. Love the dress, suits u2at! Would love to put on a summer dress and go out into the garden but living in a terrace house its just not on.
    Feel for you with the kitchen, you only realise you don’t have professionals doing the work when they have to use the ‘little grey cells’ to get the work done. I take it your kitchen hasn’t the standard dimensions they expected, even if they measured up beforehand?
    You say the docs are still in the dark? I take it then by default your now labeled with IBS? That means among other things battling stress and a ‘proper’ food intake. If you say things are getting better then by growing your own and planning to get out again is helping. It may never go away completely Bobby but being aware of what does you good will help to keep it in check.
    Abi x


    1. Abi My health took a down turn when I started using Stevia. I have had a lot of problems not just the IBS symptoms. Headaches, joint pain, tiredness and more. I wish I could prove the connection but I cant. I think my body is slowly healing itself though. As you say a healthy lifestyle helps.


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