Rain ran down the window. A snowflake hit the same pane, melted and followed the rain drop on its journey to the bottom of the window and ultimately to the ground. Only to start the cycle of evaporation and head back to the sky and become a cloud. Do water molecules experience Groundhog Day?

The wind blew and splatted the sleet hard against the window again. I wonder if the roof repair will hold out tonight. The new garage roof seems to be ok.


Its evenings like this that make me stay inside cuddled up to Mrs Sox with the log burner keeping us snug. Spending a couple of hours getting myself ready only to get to the venue looking like a drowned windswept rat is not my idea of fun. I so need summer to get started.


Sox cottage is slowly being knocked into shape. The kitchen refit is coming along and the main bedroom is looking more like a bedroom rather than a builders merchants. We have wardrobes and have refitted a fab Victorian fireplace.


Looking forward to Sparkle and Brighton pride. Last year, because of the move and everything else we missed quite a few weekends away so we are going to make amends for that this year.


My old friend Catherine Willcox will be having her surgery this month, so I wish her well with that and look forward to catching up with her when she has recovered.


So I will leave you with a pic from last summer…..


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