Cardiff Pride



I don’t know about you but I have this unerring ability to wake up just before my alarm goes off.

I am a bit of an early riser these days. I suppose it may be age related but never the less. I set my alarm for 7 am. And sure enough I was awake and looking at the clock at 6.55……..just 5 more minutes I said to myself.


I pressed the snooze button on the alarm and looked out of the window. Hazy sunshine filled the valley. It looked like it was going to be a nice day for Pride Cymru. I had changed my mind over what dress to wear on the parade several times over the week preceding the event and Mrs Sox was getting a little tired of it all, but in the end I settled for a pale green dress from Lindy bop that she had bought for my birthday. It was a good choice because I got quite a few favourable comments from all sorts of people about it.


We got there in good time and met up with the girls. Helena had been making banners and offered me the umbrella to hold. I would like to say thanks to Julia for organising us and getting the girls on the parade, I wouldn’t have entered the parade without her, so thank you.


There was a very big crowd lining most of the way and considering the parade was a mile long, that’s a lot of support for tolerance and love.


It all went well, lots of cheering and music as we went along. The crowd wanting pictures of us and everyone was smiling and happy. The Parade finished at Cardiff City Hall where, for the whole weekend, there was a fair, music and comedians to entertain us.

we took lots of pictures at the end and I am quite happy with this group shot of us all.




After the parade Mrs Sox and I decided to go to WOW bar for a drink and a few nibbles. We were saving ourselves for Saturday as we were going to watch the bands and enjoy the entertainment then.




We woke early Saturday. The sun shone brightly as we sat in the garden for breakfast. I had planned to wear jeans and a nice top but the weather was so lovely that I changed my mind and put on a dress.  I changed my look a little for Saturday and my hair was a little different to Friday. I am still not sure which look is the best. My sandals only had a one inch heel which is quite low for me but we did intend to spend a lot of our time on our feet.

After enjoying the warmth of the sun I had a shower and slowly got ready for our trip to the festivities at city Hall. Our route included going through the centre of Cardiff so, not wanting to appear rude, we did a little shopping on the way and I got some ear rings from Claire’s.

Getting into the event was pretty painless, our bags were checked as we went in as was everyone else’s. We bought an interesting hot dog of dubious nutritional value and sat on the grass to watch the bands.



Even though the music wasn’t our thing we still enjoyed the day. A little cider in the sun and a relaxed atmosphere helped.

By the time the bands had finished we were getting tired. We stopped off for another small drink at Wow bar on the way back to the car.

Tired and with sore feet Mrs Sox and I poured ourselves into our bed.








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