Settling in

We are settling in nicely at Sox cottage. Mrs Sox is getting back into baking and my role as chief taster has expanded into a dual role encompassing the very important job of washing up the dishes as well. A new dishwasher is quickly finding its way into the kitchen as we speak. At least with a good stock of cake in the kitchen my craving for custard creams has subsided.

We have had family around this weekend. They have eaten all the cake, drank all the beer and now a silence has descended with the last of them driving off in the distance. We are now relaxing with a nice cup of tea.

What’s the difference between outlaws and in-law’s……..outlaws are wanted, lol.

It’s been a strange summer so far. The weather started good but it definitely took a turn for the worst. Having to wear thick tights in August is just not right. The poor weather coincided with me having more time to spend working on my look, which seemed to involve wrapping up warm and dodging the rain, rather than skimpy dresses and looking glam, but hey can’t have it all. So been practicing with make up for day time. It’s surprising how much make up is required for the ‘natural’ look…….

We do have Cymru pride to look forward to next weekend. We haven’t been out much recently, so a weekend of relaxing and enjoying nice company and the odd libation will be a way to regenerate our soul a little.

I had a peek at the news and it’s frightening. The nutters have taken over the asylum. Why these people need to hate so much is beyond my comprehension. I think I am going to curl up in a corner with a cup of tea and surround myself with cake………..after pride obviously 🙂


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