Well I have been very busy as you know. On the up side I have managed to totally avoid Wimbledon (Not into tennis at all……. all that grunting is very off putting) but on the down side I couldn’t get to sparkle either. It looked like a good weekend but missing catching up with girls I haven’t seen in a while has made me more determined to get there next year.

I am still not looking at the news although social media is just too addictive to resist and it’s nice to see you girls having fun.

Things have calmed down a bit although I am now feeling very worn out. I have a few days off work planned and both Mrs Sox and I plan to just chill and spend time with friends.

As you probably remember from my last blog. I have been trying different products to help with looking and feeling better. This month I have been trying different shampoos. You can imagine my disappointment though when I tried Herbal essence shampoo only to find that I don’t have a G spot on top of my head.

Now there is no way I can put this gently so I will just come out with it. This last month I have suffered a wardrobe collapse. I googled it and it’s not terminal but it is quite common in T girls around my age that have got over the ‘urge to purge’. I have been prescribed a walk-in wardrobe and I am assured that the prognosis is good.

It has brought forward the need for a good sort out of my clothes but it’s so difficult to throw out old dresses and shoes with so many memories attached to them.

All this great weather and now I have some spare time to enjoy it, the heaven’s open. Brollies boots and scuba diving equipment are required……..may be sporting heels and wetsuit look when next out on the town…………………

5 thoughts on “Collapse

  1. Chin-up and all that, I’ve had a few wardrobe malfunctions of my own recently and really can relate the the memories attached thingy stopping the purge of dresses.
    Hopefully see you sooner rather than later. Allison xx

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  2. I was going to say “think of it as making room for the new, rather than losing stuff”, but that’s a lie! 🙂

    Thing is, we do tend to build up quite a wardrobe, and I wonder if your comment about attached memories is stronger for T folk.

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  3. I’ve never had a wardrobe.. But the good news is I’m not immune to them! What I am immune to is purging. Hence the 0.77 cubic meter compact stash in boxes in the cellar.
    I still have my first heels from ’83 that the wife bought me in one of the many shoe shops in Street. They are falling apart, but hey when I gently rub the patent leather sides the heel genie appears with lovely memories of wearing them (me that is, not the genie). As the wife is not up to date (ok zero knowledge) on the extent of my stash and semi in the dark about Abi and her online activities (blog etc), I’m only ‘virtually’ thinking about a wardrobe for my clothes and 40 odd pairs of heels to replace the boxes in the cellar.
    A walk-in wardrobe would be lovely! I didn’t know the NHS was so generous prescription wise on things like that!. I’m looking at the PAX system from ikea as a starting point and them I can modify (more shelves for the heels) and make it lock-up-able.
    Oh yes if you get round to it, pictures please with heels and wetsuit.

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