switch off

With all the bad news that’s been happening this last month I have hardly wanted to read the news or look at social media. Terror attacks and the Grenfell tower disaster have exposed the worst of humanity and shown the best side of being human. The hate and the compassion. I have seen things that no one wants to see and heard things I don’t want to hear.

Let’s just switch the world off and take a rest from the bombardment of fake and bias news. Let’s get away from reporters trying to get an award for the best news Item and asking how a person feels when they have lost their whole family either from a pointless attack or because some large company has skimped on health and safety just to make an extra couple of pieces of gold (how the fuck do you think they feel? Dipshit). Let’s put it down and take a breath.

I am finding it very difficult to be happy and write, I find I have to be in the correct frame of mind to put finger to keyboard. When I feel this way a blog gets written that is just a rant and mostly I delete it and it’s never published.

Nights out with the girls are good and put me in a happier place, but life at Sox cottage is very busy and unfortunately I am neglecting my girlfriends.

So I am trying to think of things that make me feel better. Shopping, a girl has to have clothes. Tea and cake are good, sometimes I include a visit to a tea shop in the shopping experience too.

The odd chance I get I am pampering myself a little and taking time in the bath or shower exfoliating etc. when I come out I am using moisturiser and creams to make me feel nice and smooth. Another thing that has made me happy this month is the fact that I have finally found a tinted moisturiser that works for me. It’s by Garnier, Ambre Solaire after sun hydrating tan maintainer. It gives my otherwise white pale skin a nice pale golden glow, something other tinted moisturisers have failed to do.

Give me a shout when things calm down a bit out there and maybe I will switch the world back on.


3 thoughts on “switch off

  1. I feel much the same about the news and the political situation. I saw Grenfell Tower the other day and it horrified me, as did the flowers and messages posted all around. Shorter skirts and tops in pastel shades are helping me take my own mind off things. Sue x

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  2. Yes, it’s a difficult time I think. Maybe turning the planet off and back on might make us realise some home truths. We’ve only got this world, we’re more alike than we are different, and a good cup of tea makes many things seem better.
    L x

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  3. Although the Grenfell tower was a terrible incident, it has had a least one ‘positive’ effect here in Germany. A residential tower here in Wuppertal has been evacuated due to having the same isolation material on the facade as with the Grenfell tower. There hasn’t been a fire but they are not taking any chances and are doing something about it now.
    Oh yes! Will let you know when you can reboot your rhyngrwyd.

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