The eyes



The eyes stared menacingly, the black face expressionless. I looked into those dark eyes and could see no emotion.  A chill wind blew in a place only a chill wind knew to blow.  A shiver ran through my body like a rapier through the heart. I never knew how scary south wales could be. BAAAARRRR

This sheep was unusual, it had left the comfort of its flock and came to look at me. Inquisitive and menacing it stared as it chewed the grass in its mouth. The wind had changed and the mini dress now seemed the wrong choice of attire as thoughts of a cardigan started to enter my mind.

We were separated by the stream that straddled the boundary between Sox cottage and the farmer’s field. A large drop to the water below from the farmer’s field dissuaded the ovine from venturing any further.  Good job really. Can’t run in these heels.

I was just walking through the garden waiting for Mrs Sox to finish getting ready for a night out. It was such a lovely evening, birds whistling and the sheep bleating. The sun although it was getting low, still had a warmth to it but in the shade, under the trees, it was cool.

Looking up the hill there is a solitary tree. It sits exactly were the sun goes down. It’s a wonderful place to sit and take in the view but it’s also lovely to view from below with the sun setting behind it.

It will soon be night time and I’ll be strutting my stuff in Cardiff with the other girls. Quite a contrast with this rural idyll.

Another sheep had joined us. Both of them now looking at me. Were they admiring my frock?

I looked around and Mrs Sox was outside the cottage. Smiling she said ‘Looks like you have some fans’.


7 thoughts on “The eyes

    1. We love the sheep. When the lambs were first born and in the field it was great just watching them. The sheep are higher up in the hills now, so it’s a bit quieter now.


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