Sox Cottage

Birds accompanied the sound of the stream as its rhythmical babbling filled the air. Sunlight made the water sparkle as it danced downstream to its own music.  The sheep in the adjoining field bleated to each other as they chewed the grass. Daffodils were in full bloom and a surprising fleet of midges busily waltzed around each other in the shade, spring had definitely sprung. I took in a deep breath and looked across at Mrs Sox. She had a big smile on her face and I knew we had made the right choice in our new home……Sox cottage.

It’s been a slog. I am sure the solicitors make it more complicated and long winded than it should be. We now have a beautiful place to live though. It’s a very exciting time. We intend to grow vegetables and fruit and maybe keep chickens and Bees in the future.  The main hub of the place (the kitchen) is going to have a refit so that Mrs Sox can make cakes and puddings with the produce grown in the garden.

The House is in a valley, the garden is quite large with formal shrubs and topiary and is surrounded by a hedge. There is a separate garden with a path running along the side of the stream and a vegetable plot on the right. The path turns left and leads to the water’s edge. Small trees over hang this area and shade you from the sun.

We are surrounded by sheep in the surrounding fields, this is South Wales and a big part of the farming economy revolves around these animals. There are Lambs in the fields at the moment which adds a cuteness that is quite charming. Makes me think of the fresh local produce that is used for the Sunday lunches served in the local pub, which, coincidentally is only 5 min walk down the lane.

We are now looking forward to the fun of getting our stuff from the storage company. Big lorry, small lane. Large furniture, old odd sized doors. I am glad we have employed some handsome men to do the work. I don’t think my nails would survive and my heels would sink in the grass. My responsibilities for the day will be to look pretty, make the tea and serve biscuits……..……I will keep the cake for myself.

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