Nothing much happening

All quiet here at our little flat. The daffodils are in flower and the last few days have been quite warm, 16 degrees yesterday. Positively barmy for this time of year. The only excitement was a water leak from the flat above. I was alerted to the problem by the sound of Mrs Sox expelling the usual girly shriek when confronted by a cold drip on the top of the head whist using the bathroom. Not pleasant and her mind had to be diverted away from wondering if this drip was in actual fact just water.

It transpires that the guy above came home from the pub a little worse for wear and ran a bath, then promptly fell asleep. I don’t know about you but I usually have a bath or a shower before I go out in the evening but hay, each to their own.

I still have a custard cream addiction but Mrs Sox says that it’s just a phase I am going through and that I should grow out of it soon (you will have to read my previous post ).

Some good news is that we should be moving to our new house in the very near future. We have also been out on a few girly nights too and made some friends in Wales. Gaynor, Julia, Alison and Jamie took us around some of Cardiff’s finest drinking holes.

Got myself a new phone too, Man rang me up saying I was due an upgrade. He sounded very charming, how could I not go for the new phone. He tells me all the colours the phone comes in then says ‘oh yes it comes in pink too but you don’t sound like you would be interested in that’…….. What’s up buster don’t I sound girly enough for ya …sheesh. Well, that’s not what I said but that’s what went through my mind. I just said I’ll go for a gold one, in my girlyest voice of course.

So I suppose it’s not  been that  quiet in our flat at after all………..


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