For the God of love

I could hear a faint whistling. It was slowly getting louder. I couldn’t quite make out where it was coming from. The street lights started to flicker, no, all the lights were flickering. My car stuttered to a halt and all the lights ceased. All the vehicles around had stopped too. I could smell ozone. And everyone was looking up. A large dark disc hovered just above the roof tops. The disc seemed to absorb light it had no discernible colour. A newspaper blew across the road just as a beam of light slowly made its way down to the centre of the crossroads. Three silhouettes could be seen in the middle of the column of light. I could feel warmth from the glow. The Beam suddenly went out leaving three beings each one about six foot tall. They all shimmered, one gold, one silver, the other bronze. Five inch matching heels and outlandish hair…..the transgenderz have landed.

You would think that this is what had just happened on planet Earth. We have just appeared, like aliens from outer space.  Bigots are calling for a ban on us using toilets and shielding their children from our gaze.

Fear of the unknown and the misguided thought that the sight of a gay or transgender person could corrupt their children seems to be commonplace in the U.S.A. Here in the U.K. we have the same problems. People who have never met or had anything to do with transgender people have strong opinions and seem to think they know our minds.

The rise of the right wing politicians on both sides of the Atlantic has given confidence to the racists and bigots. Now their misguided views, propped up with bogus research and twisted statistics, are preaching what is in reality nothing but intolerance of others.

I have no problem with people having a different view point to me but when old fashioned and out of date theories are banded about as fact, the worry is that they will be used to reinforce government policy and new laws which could be detrimental to our small minority.

For years when people are different they have had to endure abuse. Women have fought for equality, black people have fought for their rights. The transgender community are now fighting for the right to be treated as equals too.

I thought that the Second World War showed humanity where intolerance would lead us, and that as humanity evolved we would learn from the mistakes of the past. A lack of compassion and blinkered views are all destinations on the way to genocide and war. Maybe we need help…

The clamour subsided and silence filled the void. The gold ‘god’ stepped forward and raised a hand. All the leaders of the world suddenly appeared on their knees in front of him. ‘I bring a message to mankind’ the voice was loud, it wasn’t a male or a female voice but it had resonance and intent. ‘We come to rid you of hate. It will be replaced with the teachings of tolerance and love, so that you may evolve further and take your place in the cosmos and stand shoulder to shoulder with other higher beings’…

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