New girl par deux


I was stood at the bar waiting to be served. The hotel was very busy, it was December and the Christmas party season had begun. I was wearing an off the shoulder red dress and high strappy black heels. I was stood about 4 people away. It was a tight crush. I was starting to wonder if it was worth the wait as this bar is not cheap when it comes to the cost of a drink, when I saw a hand raised waving at me from the other side. She was blond and wearing a lovely sequined gold dress. She looked radiant.

It was Kat, I hadn’t seen her for over a year since I moved to south wales. She had just started to transition when I left (please read this blog first if you haven’t already )

After finding out for sure about Kat’s transition, and a long think, I introduced myself to her properly and gave her a link to this blog. We have stayed in touch ever since.

She is well on her way with the hormone treatment, been through a boyfriend and recovered from a an illness.

We eventually got a drink and moved away from the bar. Some gentlemen let us have their seats as they were leaving and we sat down. Kat introduced me to her interesting friends, who appear normal at first. I don’t know how many T girls carry a folder of pictures around with them in their bag, but one of Kats friends, Tina, liked people to see how her transition had gone.

Kat is looking forward to fully transitioning and definitely suits being a girl. I wish her lots of luck for the future.

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