The tumble weed blown by the gale skipped through the sandy waste of my mind. Mountain peaks stained ochre by the setting sun rose high in the distance and my laptop screen pointed a blank word document into the back of my eyes. Not much has happened in the last few weeks we just seem to be waiting………

Waiting for the house with our name on it to be officially ours is taking ages. Solicitors wrangling small points in house buying law and what seems like a lack of any work ethic from either of them is so frustrating.

Waiting for Christmas. I have to admit I don’t really like this time of year I am more of a mini dress in the sun type of person rather than jumpers and sat in front of a fire. Don’t get me wrong I do love a good log fire but I would rather sit in the sun with a nice sweet rum cocktail in hand, but I do like a good night out whatever the time of year.

It’s been a relaxing December though. A couple of parties and a trip to Leeds first Friday have been the highlights. Meeting some old faces again was great. I haven’t seen Cat since I moved down to Wales over a year ago and Maddy has been busy with family stuff for ages, so catching up on how life had treated them was nice.

Boxing Day was clear and sunny so we took advantage and went on a stroll along the beach. The sun was low and there was a warmth to it if you could find shelter from the wind. This beach is always good for taking photos. Some of the ones I took are here for you to look at.

The café was open so we warmed our hands on big mugs of hot chocolate and enjoyed the heat dissipating around our bodies as we talked about how nice a day it was and what we would do to our house when we eventually move in.

The word document looks a little less blank now. The tumble weed seems to have gone, the wind has stopped and I think I can see the grass growing.


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