We shut the door on Sox Towers a week ago and gave the keys to the new occupant. A new era will begin soon. We are settling in to our flat and getting into some sort of routine. Mrs Sox is baking and I am playing with makeup and clothes.

Mrs Sox is making a carrot cake which has bananas in it? (I am sure she knows what she is doing). I will be performing my chief tasting duties later with a nice cup of tea. I am experimenting with an off the shoulder dress from Collectif and if I can get it to look ok I will be wearing it in Leeds for the December LFF.

Halloween went well we had good night out in Bristol. Finishing in the Queens Shilling. It was a very busy night but that meant plenty of complements from different people which is always nice. Obviously took a couple of selfies before I went out.


We are feeling very much in limbo at the moment, waiting for the sale to go through. We keep coming up with ideas on what to do with different rooms and how nice we can make the garden. Solicitors never seem to be in a hurry and it seems like ages since the offer was accepted.

There also seems to be an issue with the ownership and registration of the property, which our solicitor thinks could be resolved in four to six weeks’ time. Unfortunately that makes it look like Christmas will be spent in our little flat.

The smell of freshly baked cake is now wafting around the flat. Time to put the kettle on I think.

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