Well this swing seat at sox towers has been dismantled. In a few days time the removals guys will come and most of our stuff will be in storage.  The shoes and dresses will be in our little apartment, as you never know…..we may need the five wardrobes worth of dresses. Lol.

I apologise to my regular followers. I have been very busy with the move and not been able to find the time to post. Its taken an absolute age to pack everything into boxes. Both of us are exhausted.  Funny thing, when thinking of going out I can never find anything I like but when sorting through my clothes to pack away I cant find anything to throw out and want to keep everything !

Shoes, shoes shoes. I didn’t realise how many I have. Managed to put a pair of flats in the charity bag though. Mrs Sox was a little more ruthless and managed to discard a few more items than me. Although I did check to make sure she didn’t give away anything I could use.

The new sox towers has been found but it will take a few weeks for our solicitors to get all the legal stuff sorted before we can move in. We are very excited…..watch this space.




5 thoughts on “Going

    1. Hi Lynn
      I am moving because of work so it’s a side ways move. The place we are hopefully moving to is in a semi rural area the aim is to be a little more self sufficient, growing vegetables etc and making the place a bit more eco friendly. We are thinking of changing our name to the Goods 😉


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