Sitting here watching the Olympics on the television feeling inspired to maybe take up another sport, slowly sliding forwards on the leather settee that came with my apartment. I remember now why we got rid of the last one. If I sit here in a short dress my legs stick to it, if I wear tights I end up lying down looking up at the ceiling. Putting a throw on it produces even more problems. You try to hold the top of the throw to the top of the settee and try forlornly to sit down without it sliding down, then as you sit down it slithers into the middle of your back its then you realise that you are rapidly gaining speed and hurtling towards the floor the throw takes on the mantle of a roller coaster ride. With a thump your coccyx hits the floor. Your mobile phone that you were holding slips from your grasp and crashes to the floor face down with the sound of ‘expensive’ ringing in your ears. Now you have no way of alerting the emergency services stuck on the floor with crushed vertebrae you whimper and hope your partner gets back soon. Maybe you will recover in time for the next Olympics


I do like south Wales the people are friendly and the scenery is fabulous. Even on a cloudy or rainy day it is still beautiful.

House hunting in Wales the last few weeks. Pronouncing welsh place names has been a challenge but with the help of the internet and co-workers, I think I will be able to at least pronounce the new Sox Towers address when asked.

Nights out have been few and far between but the light is at the end of the tunnel and over the next few months the new Sox Towers will be up and running. New pics will be produced and new ramblings from the depths of my mind will be published. Watch this space … don’t turn that dial

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