wp-1467532128821.jpgWith lots of girls attending sparkle I thought a light-hearted quiz would help and enlighten girls in a similar position to myself.

How trans-girly are you? Is it how good your make up is, or how high a heel you can walk in? Is It how well you can pout into the lens of your phone to take that spur of the moment picture for Facebook?….. I don’t think so. The tell-tale signs are there though. Take the truly trans-girly test below and find out.

1 You are sat in a bar and a total stranger asks you why you are wearing a dress.  Do you….

a)      Explain the reasons patiently and get  them to understand the meaning of being transgender

b)      Tell them to google it

c)       Poke them in the eye with your index finger and tell them to mind their own business.

2 You dress like a girl but don’t like men? Yeah, right. Do you …

a)      Explain politely about the differences between sexuality and gender.

b)       Introduce them to your wife of 30 years

c)       Tell them it’s none of their business  and poke them in the eye with your index finger

3 Are you a man or a woman? Do you……..

a)      Smile politely and tell them you’re a girl

b)      Explain to them that asking questions about gender is rude and ask them how would they feel if asked the same question.

c)       Tell them it’s none of their business  and poke them in the eye with your index finger


4 So you are actually married to a woman how does that work? Do you ……..

a)      Smile politely and explain the rudiments of the birds and the bees

b)      Ask them how their parents’ marriage works.

c)       Tell them it’s none of their business  and poke them in the eye with your index finger


5 That dress looks good on you where did you get it? Do you….

a)      Feeling flattered, tell them you bought it from a boutique shop in Covent garden when it’s really  from Ebay

b)      Tell them their frock is fab, too

c)       Smile and say ‘thank you’ whilst feeling relieved that your index finger will get a rest.


OK so you have done the test. How did you think you did?

Well if most of your answers were a’s then that means you are fairly new to being out in a dress and you feel good about yourself. Well done.

If mainly b’s you have been out in the big world for a while now. Your look and make up are sorted and you are feeling confident. Sometimes though the same old questions are getting tiresome. Keep up the good work

If mainly c’s then you are an old hand at strutting your stuff on the high street but you are sick and tired of the strange fixated attention some people have with t girls and sex. Rock on girl let’s give this world some attitude.






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