Waves could be heard as the ship cut its way through the ocean. The suns orb was kissing the horizon and casting the last of its light on the rippled water. Bright blue sky’s faded to darkness as the stars began to welcome the night and started to twinkle.


I have neglected my blog a little because Mrs Sox took me on a long promised cruise around Florida and the Caribbean. All you can eat and drink for 2 weeks didn’t do our figures any good at all. Bicycles have been serviced and fitness regimes have been agreed and put into place. So without further ado ……the return of the Bobbysox blog.

This month Laura Jane Grace did the trans equivalent of burning her bra and burnt her birth certificate, a protest about the bathroom issue in north Carolina. Some people that selectively use verses from the Bible to justify their intolerance of other human beings have found a minority to persecute.

I find myself intolerant of things, usually inanimate objects. Over the years I have had to put up with cables that, no matter how carefully you roll them up and put them away, they always tie themselves into knots. Everything from vacuum cleaner leads to headphones are the main culprits. So after years of tolerance I am now banning them from my home. Yes I have become the bigot that will not tolerate cables. I am now searching the good book, new and old testaments to justify my petty prejudice. No longer will I allow wire in my home. No longer will I spend hours trying to unravel these creatures of Satan.

I will stand outside shopping malls calling for a law to end the use of wire and cables they are an abomination, a danger to our children.  What if a child gets caught with a flex around its neck and its insulation becomes perished all at once the child would be asphyxiated and electrocuted in one go, certain death would surely follow.

I say to you if you are truly devout in your beliefs follow me and I will save your soul and grant you eternal salvation.

My followers and I will boycott the stores that carry on selling these snakes of oblivion, true eternal life will follow ……………. …………………………………………………………………

Mrs Sox has just looked over my shoulder and thinks I may have had just a little too much of the Florida sunshine………..I may have to lie down now.







4 thoughts on “Tolerance

  1. Hi Lynn
    It is good that you and your ‘friend’ are inquisitive. Today sat in my garden and after having several small libations, a ray of light shone down on me and lo…..I had a revelation. The Lord has guided me to know that the serpent in the good book is a metaphor for the wire. As you know the serpent persuaded Eve to take from the tree the forbidden fruit and give it to Adam. Therefore we should try to banish all wire from our lives so we can pursue a more righteous existence.
    Justification can always be found in the good book.
    The lord has spoken. Praise the lord.

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  2. Ah yes – inanimate objects. I share your view that, despite everything you may try to do with them, wires will always, but always, conspire against you. They are indeed demons. I share your frustrations. Banning from the house I have not done though. I just don’t allow them to play their silly games because I don’t coil them up. It’s the best way to totally frustrate them – and what is more, they can’t get you for it! Mwah ha ha haaaa!

    You see? You’re not on your own out there!


  3. Interesting read. I’m not in agreement with Mrs Sox, you got just the right amount of sun for such a revelation. I to find myself intolerant of things that don’t move out of the way as I home in on them. Maddening inconsiderate just to sit there totally uncaring if one makes a painful contact or not.
    Another thing about cables, if you give them the chance to curl up with each other they reproduce and you have more extension cables than you can cope with. Have you noticed that when they have inter-coloured (b/w) “you know what”, that you end up with grey cables?
    It’s just not on, segregation is the only option!
    What happens when you select and pull ever so gently one single cable from the cable box? The rest hang on for the ride! After spending half an hour swearing under your breath and beating them back down, you have forgotten why you wanted the cable in the first place!
    I hate them! I come out in a cold sweat when MrsA asked me to wire up something and when I finally have isolated one for the job it’s usually 2 inches too short anyway. In a momentary lapse of reason I once plugged the plug of one end of an extension cable into the socket of the other end. It started to hiss and wriggle about, ouroboros came to mind. I quickly unplugged it, I didn’t sleep that well that night…


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