It saddens me that trans people in America are having to put up with right wing led, bigoted laws and Donald Trump. The human race really hasn’t moved on.

I wasn’t going to write any comments about all this. I did think enough had been on the news and written on the internet about it all but I feel I have to put something down in my blog.

It seems the world is awash with hatred and fear mostly in the name of religion. The fact that someone has written something 2000 years ago or some manuscript has been deciphered to reveal what people believed in ancient times, doesn’t mean we have to live our lives like that. It doesn’t mean it’s the right way to live in the 21st century.

Twisting what is written in these texts to justify persecution and murder is not the way forward for the human race.

I don’t know what euphemisms the guys in the US use for breaking wind, fart, blow off, pump but young children here in my little part of the UK use the word trump. Every time I see Donald stood there on his plinth preaching his style of hate I just think ……….fart

3 thoughts on “Fart

  1. There was a time here in the US when it was called the vapors. Anyway, as long as I remember the church has always taken the parts of the Bible out of context and used those pieces to get a point across. This I found, when I got older, to be a bad way to interpret the book.


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