The multi-story car park was the usual dingy concrete affair with bashed exit doors and a strange smell. I felt out of place in my heels and tight fitting Collectif dress. I was feeling all glam, walking in this place didn’t seem to feel right. I could hear teenagers shouting and enjoying themselves. The sound seemed to be magnified and distorted by this building making the shouts sound more like ghouls shrieking.

Mrs Sox was in a nice frock from Collectif and looking fab as well.  Our heels clicked towards the lift and exit. We definitely weren’t going to negotiate the stairs. The lift seemed to take forever, when the doors finally opened we were greeted by a large mirror covered in finger prints. It was a chance to check how fab we looked.

The car park was built on a hill and our venue was at the bottom of it. Walking down hill in heels isn’t the easiest thing to do so we held hands and carefully tottered down the hill supporting each other to the bottom.

We were in Bristol, the evening was Bristol’s monthly T girl night out ‘Glitzy girls’ The first bar was a place called ‘Bent’ with a dance floor and there is alcove seating, which is nice for groups of 5 or 6. Lots of young people enjoying themselves and a good friendly atmosphere.

The ‘Queens Shilling’ is a small club just across the road from Bent. It is friendly and the music being played is varied so at some point in the night I am sure you will be able to put their dance floor to good use. I have been to this venue twice now and the amount of girls out has varied. There are no problems with going out to these places every one we came across was accepting and we had a good night drinking and chatting to all sorts of people. If you are in the area you should definitely try it out.

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