Hair removal

Hair removal is a subject us girls talk about quite regularly, but the subject of nasal hair removal comes up rarely. Recently my nasal hair has been a law unto itself. In the past just a quick trim with the scissors has been enough but it seems to be growing quicker than I can trim it. All very annoying. Sometimes the hairs tickle the inside of my nose and it feels like I need to blow it, but alas no amount of blowing will rid me of the irritation and more drastic action is required. In the absence of any cutting implements I resort to pulling the hairs out hoping that I get the right one that is causing the irritation. This brings me to the point where I have found that pulling at these pesky little follicles is akin to Russian roulette. Sometimes I pull and removal is relatively painless but other times it feels like the hair was attached to my retina. A leg flinches and one eye streams with tears. The thought that I may have just pulled my eyeball through my nasal passage, is only dispelled as I slowly open my Β eyes and a blurred world comes into view. At which point a small expletive is announced. A reflex action of the brain, which is trying to tell the world that I am a candidate for the Darwin award because this isn’t the first time I have attempted this form of self-abuse.

I think I may buy a nose hair trimmer.

7 thoughts on “Hair removal

  1. A great post that made me laugh, but one that I empathise with. Although I have an occasional full body wax for which the pain is a case of mind over matter (I mind so it doesn’t matter!), nasal hair seems to have be programmed quite differently and somewhat defiantly!

    I’ll be honest, I invested in a nasal hair trimmer, but frankly, I can’t see how it cuts the hair, but clearly it does because there aren’t too many of the blighters left after a good ‘bzzzzzzzzzzz’ for a minute or three. I said ‘too many’ as there are usually a few staging a sit in. I don’t think anyone could even manufacturer a wax removal process for nasal hair and if they did, frankly, I think it would be akin to some sort of mediaeval torture!


  2. see’s an oppurtinity in the market for latex nostril inserts πŸ˜›
    various skintones ..warning do not use with superglue.

    dare i mention ear hair ?


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