The mug sat atop its coaster on the side of the square wooden coffee table. A crescent moon of pink lipstick along its edge gave the impression that a female had emptied its contents. Beside it was a clean empty tea plate, not a crumb obscured the willow pattern. In fact no cake or biscuit had passed by today.

Mrs Sox has come to stay with me in Wales and not brought cake. When tackled about the omission she replied ‘I’ve been busy’ in a tone of voice that over the years I have learned not to challenge. In fact she had been very busy sorting out matters at the current Sox Towers before she came down. I am looking forward to her making the place smell of baking though.

We have managed over the last two weeks a couple of nights out. One evening was spent at the Golden cross in Cardiff and the other was a trip across the bridge to Bristol for the Glitzy Girl’s night out at The Queens Shilling. Both nights are different but all the girls at both venues are very friendly and made the nights enjoyable. I shall write more another time about the venues but needless to say I will be going to both places on a regular basis.

Today we are off out for a walk to take in some of the fabulous south Wales country side and to get some flour, milk and eggs on the way back.

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