We are a few weeks into 2016 and I think I have got the hang of writing 16 on the date rather than 15. Most people talk about resolutions and have probably not kept to them after January the 1st. I will be just trying to enjoy life and not get too wound up by all the media hype about all the transgender issues that people have.

I am now working full time in south Wales and Mrs Sox will be coming down to join me at the end of the Month. This means that Sox towers will be relocating and all the fun of finding a new pad is next. With the amount of rain we have had here in the UK, I may consider living in a boat. I collected a lot of wood over the past year to burn in our log burner, perhaps it would have been better if had built an ark with it all rather than keep us warm and toasty over the Christmas period.

So my ideal cross dressers house should have mirrors, plenty of space to store shoes, dresses and handbags. A private garden with the potential for lots of flowers and picture opportunities. Somewhere to plug in the cement mixer for my make-up. A good internet connection so I can keep in touch with all the girls and share pictures of our exploits.

A south facing seat would be good, to sit and rest in the sun beside Mrs Sox. So we can talk about the shade of nail varnish to paint on at the weekend and what we will wear.

I like south Wales the countryside is beautiful. Hopefully this year I will get the time to enjoy it. Mrs Sox and I intend to get back on our bikes and get fitter. The views around here will make our cycle rides even more enjoyable.

So onwards towards the depths of the New Year. The nights and the dresses getting shorter. Warm evenings, a cold libation after work in the garden and hopefully a little more acceptance in the world.





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