The Danish girl

Mrs Sox and I are sitting through the 30 plus minutes of adverts before the film and Mrs Sox says ‘take these chocolate minstrels off me or I will eat them all’.

I say ‘so you want me to eat them and get fat I am struggling to get into a size 14 as it is’.

She replies with when I am down to struggling to get into a size 14 we can talk’

so I take the last 2 minstrels from the palm of her hand. She makes a whimpering sound and I said let’s start here then. I moved the packed of minstrels to the drinks holder on my side of the seat………

This film made my eyes leak, it is very sad. The film is beautiful, the acting is beyond acting and I was totally there. It touched a nerve that I could relate to in many ways. Eddie Redmayne (as Einar Wegener who becomes Lili) is a tremendous actor and many of the things he did I could relate to, however it was Gerda (Alicia Vikander) that I most identified and sympathised with. Her love for lily was there in everything she did and I felt every emotion. The film for me was about the love that she had and how she tried to keep the person and relationship that she had initially invested in.

Yes the film has the story of the first person to transition, but what I found in it was a story of love.

The story was very compelling so much so that as the credits rolled my nose was running and my eyes were blurry…..I hadn’t finished the packet of minstrels.

‘Mr Sox have you got a tissue’ I asked trying not to show how much I was in bits ……..she replied in a snivelled growl ‘only if you pass me the minstrels’ …….

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