T’was the weekend before christmas

We now have a Christmas tree at Sox towers. It’s about 5 feet high and is now covered with baubles and lights. Mrs Sox has been busy with all the decorations and planning what we will be eating over the Christmas period.

I am still working away from Sox towers during the week but I am still enjoying my tea and cake because Mrs Sox has packed me away with a nice banana cake and contrary to what my work colleges would like… It’s not for sharing  🙂

Christmas shopping has been difficult with not being at home. The online shops have helped but it’s not the same as wandering to and from the stores and getting to touch what you are buying. Another thing at this time of year is that Mrs Sox has a birthday. Birthday wrapping paper does a disappearing act as well. It’s like who has a birthday at this time of year (rolls eyes).

Anyway I am now at the stage where I am able to wrap the presents…

T’was the weekend before Christmas and the presents were on the dining table ready to be wrapped. The wrapping paper was there too with the sticky tape. I had thought that it would be nice to wrap Mrs Sox’s presents in handmade paper. But the sticky tape and wrapping paper had other ideas. First of all I noticed after only a brief encounter that the glitter on the paper was coming off and had already coated my hands, t shirt and dining table with a red sparkly hue. The first present sat on top of one sheet of paper. It would take the whole sheet to cover it, but no matter I had plenty. I slowly folded the paper over the present as the shedding glitter covered the present. One finger pressing down on the top to keep the two ends of the paper in place. I reach for the sticky tape at the end of the table. The present slips on the glitter which is covering the table, so that the tape is out of reach. I move back and slide the present closer and grasp the roll of tape. At this point I realised I should have cut a bit of tape before to ‘tack’ the paper into place. I need two hands for this so I let go. Looking at the sticky tape I also realize the last person to use it didn’t leave it with the end folded over so I can’t find the beginning (pet hate of mine).

After what seemed like an hour of trying to flick at what look like the beginning of the tape I find a little bit sticking up and pull only to find that about half of it comes away and slowly as I pull the tape it gets narrower until I am left with a sliver of clear tape that is no good to man or beast.

Wrestling with the tape I finally get to where I want to be. A good beginning to the tape and I can now restart the wrapping process.

Finger on present, piece of tape in hand I put the tape across the join of the paper and let go only to see the two ends of the wrapping paper slowly lift up…………..sticky tape don’t stick to glitter!




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