Amazingly this weekend I was made up and ready for party action before Mrs Sox had even got her sparkly dress on. It usually takes me a couple of hours but it only took half that this time. Maybe I am just getting better at doing my face and nails. This time though I knew what I was going to wear before getting ready rather than trying things on and discarding them around the room before making my mind up. I think I am just more confident now when I go out as well. It all came together in less than an hour.

It all must have looked ok as I got quite a lot of complements from stranger’s which is always nice.

It was a windy but mild night in Leeds with lots of t girls about. The wind did nothing for my hair so at every bar it was off to the ladies room to repair the damage before ordering drinks.

Saturday was recovery day for me. Mrs Sox went and got her hair done and in the evening we curled up on the sofa in front of the fire, with wine, chocolate and Strictly.


Early evening in Fibre, LeedsIMAG0194




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