First snow

My wife pulled up onto the driveway and stopped. It had been a cold night for walking between bars but the company made it worth it. I had decided to wear my thick black tights a short skirt and my black suede ankle boots. As I opened the door from inside the car, I looked down and admired the way it all looked. As I swung my legs round and stood on the drive I could see the first of this winter’s snow falling on the grounds at Sox towers. The light from the house was making the flakes glisten on the tips of the dark grass. ‘It looks like it’s going to settle’ I said to Mrs Sox. The click of my heels took us to the front door and I fumbled in my bag for my key but Mrs Sox had hers ready and let us in.

In the bathroom I took one last look at myself in the mirror. My lacy top looked fab and my long earrings sparkled at me. This is always the downside to a night out. …..having to change back to that old guy again. I took off my clothes and wiped away my makeup. Washed my face and put on some night cream. I didn’t look back into the mirror though.

The day started dull. The snow had left a sprinkling of white, like icing sugar on a cake. Mrs Sox brought me a much appreciated cup of early morning tea. She got back into bed beside me. ‘Thanks for picking me up last night ‘I said. She smiled and we hugged……

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