Tales from the hotel

My stint of staying in hotels for work has come to an end.

I’ve noticed that the regulars of the hotel I stay in during the week, have got to know the whole gamut of food that is on offer in the restaurant and go through the same little ritual every Monday evening. They ask the same two questions without referring to the piece of green and pale yellow card that the hotel likes to call a menu. First what’s the soup of the day, and what meat is it for roast of the day. Which as you might have guessed is the same all week

Strange also that all except me, sit in the same place, all the time. I get stared at if I am eating at their usual table. One woman actually waited for me to leave her table before she ordered food, even though the place was virtually empty.

So its 2.30 in the morning and I am woken up by the sound of snoring. I tried to get back to sleep but it was to no avail. It sounded as if someone was asleep outside my door. Eventually I think that’s it. I am going to see if some drunk is out in the corridor. I open the door and the sound is like someone is sawing wood I tip toe across to the door that’s nearly opposite in my jim jams and press my ear to the door. The snoring is making the door to his room vibrate!

What could I do? Should I complain to reception? Should I bang on his door and demand he shuts up ?

I don’t do any of that. I resort to the kid on the council estate routine. I bang on his door and do a runner back to my room and shut the door quickly behind me. The noise stopped immediately. A couple of muffled grunts emanate from his room, there is several thuds and I hear him open his door. Then silence. Bang he slams the door shut. I slowly get under the covers and fall blissfully fall back to sleep.

At breakfast is an overweight guy in a pink shirt and grey trousers telling the waitress that people were banging on his door and keeping him awake all night !



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