The old lady lay there in her bed dreams of yesteryear streaming through her head, eyelids flickered at the memory of sunny days playing in the street with her skipping rope. Joy coursed through her mind at the memory of seeing her children open their presents at Christmas. It had been an average life, but now old age and the pain of being bed ridden was only relieved by the morphine drip attached to her arm. She was the youngest and last remaining of her family. Her husband had passed away several years ago but she could still feel his presence. If only she could hold him one last time.

Her family were by her side she could hear them reminiscing about old times and it was a comfort to her. It wouldn’t be long now. Happy that her children had grown and settled into their own lives. Life goes on even after death.

She heard a swish and could see a light, she was feeling a little confused the light got bigger and bigger until her room was bright. She sat up, all alone, just the ticking of the clock on the wall. Looking down she noticed she was wearing her favorite dress. The blue lace looked more vivid than she remembered and she could smell her favorite scent, lavender.

There was muffled talking coming from the corridor. She swung her legs over and sat upright on the bed and noticed her favorite shoes on the floor. Just as she was slipping into them the door to her room slowly opened and in walked a little boy. She was sure she knew him but couldn’t quite recall.

The little boy took her hand and gently led her out into the corridor. Her brothers and sisters were all there, they embraced her one by one. After hugging her eldest brother she turned and noticed her husband smiling broadly with his arms out stretched she ran and hugged him……………

My Mother in law has just passed away and writing this seemed a good thing to do.

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