Sitting in a hotel room waiting to go to work must rate as one of the most boring things to do.

I have been in the hotel for over 2 weeks now. The menu is quite good but I have had virtually everything off the menu now so I am wondering which meal to visit again. I gorged myself silly the first week and a half and it did my waistline no good what so ever. So as explained in my last ramble I am eating just toast for breakfast and having the smaller portions of the choices on the menu, with the Christmas and New Year festivities coming up a girl has to look her best.

I have my laptop and I am looking at dresses on E bay. I have put so many on watch that I have hit E bays limit, surely putting a limit on what could be future purchases is silly especially when you are talking about dresses and shoes. So I have to decide which ones to ‘cull’ so I can watch ‘better’ ones………tricky!

I did my toe nails this morning. I managed to get bright pink nail varnish on the white bed covers. I decided that a small dose of nail varnish remover and a rub with a tissue would do the trick. Unfortunately it seemed to spread it out and the tissue disintegrated when I rubbed harder. I eventually got most of it thinned down enough for it to be hardly noticeable. I hope the hotel staff don’t notice, explaining to them that it is nail varnish could prove interesting.

Looking forward to the weekend. I have seen some shoes I like on the Next web site and I would like to see them in the flesh. I am going to ask Mrs Sox to go with me so I can get a second opinion.  I am sure she won’t turn down a trip out shopping. 🙂

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