Working away

I have been working away these past few weeks so unfortunately I have been neglecting my blog, but last weekend at Sox towers Mrs Sox had been making homemade cookies and cakes. Mrs Sox is always inspired by the big bake off. So I have been doing my duties as chief taster and pot washer…..ok I empty the dish washer but I do my bit 🙂

This weekend I had a bit of a cold and was a bit achy, so feeling sorry for myself, I sat in front of the tv on Sunday and caught up with the tv program ‘Boy meets girl’. The ending of the last episode was perfect and I am now hooked. After that I latched onto ‘The big bang theory’ and totally overdosed on that. Mrs Sox plied me with her very finest leek and potato soup and now I am fully recovered.

My theory about if you make cakes the energy expended in the process by the cook makes the eating of them calorie neutral is proving true. Mrs Sox’s diet is going well and she has now successfully squeezed into a pair of jeans one size smaller.

I have been traveling to Wales and Hull when heading home at the weekends the sun shone and the hills of wales looked magnificent. From Hull I drove back along the A63 which winds its way past the estuary, sun shone on the water and the Humber Bridge glowed white, it looked spectacular.

Staying in hotels and eating their food is doing nothing for my figure. The next few weeks I will be cutting out the bacon and beans every morning and just having toast. Hopefully this will pull me inline for Christmas so that my party frocks won’t need to be bought in a larger size.

The bacon and beans have to go to make room for the cakes at the weekend. Some things I can’t give up and cake is it.

Anyway time to put a dress on and a bit of lippy………

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