Patent pending

I would like to know what’s happened to summer. Usually at this time of year I can wander around the house in a skimpy mini dress and no shoes, but the last few days I have had to put on a jumper and jeans to stay warm and a couple of evenings I have had to get the wood from the shed and start the fire to keep warm. El bloody nino.

Although the summer this year has been quite poor, it’s not stopped the flowers from blooming in the Sox garden, but I think the high winds have kept the butterfly’s to a minimum. Still lots of bees around and birds on the feeding table too.

Out into Nottingham on Friday for the usual girl’s night out. It’s usually fun but I do hope the weather behaves itself. I can stand the rain and cold, it’s the wind I don’t like ….plays havoc with your hair.

Anyway, Mrs sox and I have just got back from Jersey. Never been there before but it was very enlightening to see some of the stuff from the German occupation in the Second World War. We decided to fly rather than take the ferry……..

I was stood there in airport security being rubbed over with a metal detector. I had set off the big thing you walk through. I thought I had emptied my pockets but I had forgot the mascara inside my fleece pocket, obviously it has a metal case. It was the mascara I use when in Bob bloke mode. The guy checking me over did a good job of not showing any reaction, it’s probably just an everyday occurrence to him…..maybe.


The flight was brief and we landed safely. The weather was good too, Sunny but not too hot. We cycled, we splashed along the beach, looked at the devils hole and drank and ate until we popped……almost.

I had learned my lesson from the flight out and the boarding of the plane was less eventful on the way back.

So next night out is Friday and if its windy I have a new invention to try out. The wig keeper 2000(patent pending)…….…..

wig keeper oner

Just slip it over your head and under your chin and no more worries with the even gale force winds.

(All below said in a cheesy American accent)

Be the envy of all your friends.

Don’t delay buy today. Comes in a stylish carry case and a money back guarantee. But wait, that’s not all. Buy one get another one absolutely free.

Just go to our website

Term and conditions apply.

2 thoughts on “Patent pending

  1. Hey,,, bloke,,, what’s wrong with the,,,,, bloody American accent !!!!! lol ha, ha, ha, its all good !!!!! *Peace 🙂 Kelly


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