Hybrid girl meets hybrid car

If you are a T-girl like me, or any girl in general, you probably dream of the wind in the hair experience whilst driving along in that sporty little number with the top down. The reality for me is that it would blow my wig off and before it hit the ground a bird of prey, talons outstretched would swoop down and rip it to bits expecting a hearty meal.

So with this vision etched on my brain, the soft top stays at the dealers and we purchase something a little more practical. Enter the Toyota Yaris Hybrid. Nothing to get the pulse rate up but it does have its charms.


First of all this is a T-girl’s perspective of the car. I am a petrol head. I have a fast car and 2 eighties muscle bikes in the garage. (If you click through my numerous blogs you will no doubt find some pics of my automotive icons). I am no Jeremy Clarkson, who totally slags any hybrid Toyota off. To be honest giving a hybrid car to Clarkson to test is pretty much like asking him to wear a suit jacket and trousers that are in fashion and actually fit him. It wouldn’t be possible to get anything coherent out of him.

Anyway I am digressing. I will concentrate on the positive points as I see it that makes the Toyota a car that performs for the out and about T-girl.

First of all it has a rear view camera that when you put the car in reverse it shows on the screen on the dash. Now I know you are thinking how can this be a benefit to a T-girl? Well. If you frequent certain websites and you have picked up that hairy stalker, you can exactly place your car in the right place and run him down so that he will go right under the car and not mark your L E D rear lights. Unsightly blood under the car and no mess to clear up.


Second the car has privacy tints on the back and side windows. This would come in handy for the girl that needs to change in the car and prevents that embarrassing situation of having one leg out of your trousers when people walk by who are a little too nosy for their own good.

Thirdly the boot is just big enough for 2 large bags, so you and your T friend can car share to the next T girl venue knowing that space is not at such a premium for those several dresses, shoes and handbags you are taking for that one night stay over.

I also particularly like the seats. They are comfortable and are high enough to make sitting in the passenger seat with high heels on quite comfortable.

Fuel consumption is excellent (I hear mutterings from the back again, sit down Mandy). This is good for a T-girl because the less you pay on petrol traveling to Leeds First Friday the more you can spend on that L B D. I have no Idea how many it does to the gallon but we put £36 worth of petrol in it (that’s from totally empty to totally full) and it returned 420 miles from that tank full. Well I was impressed anyway.


The air conditioning is also a good idea for the traveling T-girl. A nice cool car is a must to stop your make up from running down your face and dripping off the end of your nose.

The car also can seat 3 people on the back seat, I know some of you girls can be quite tall and wide so it will seat 2 people comfortably, If you decide that you are going to stay sober and carry around some of your T-girl friends around for the evening this can be quite handy.

The dash has pretty blue lighting when the day starts to turn into night. I know most of you would probably prefer pink but trust me blue used to be the colour for girls years ago.


I like to listen to a little bit of Shania Twain and she sounds really good in the car as do most tunes. All modern connections are available Bluetooth and USB. All the functions are on the touch screen but you also have the added benefit of adjustment on the steering wheel. I found all these controls to be easily usable with long false nails too.

There are drawbacks to a car that sometimes just runs on a battery. Quiet running is in the main a benefit but in a busy car park or city centre people don’t hear you. This is fine if you want to mow down pedestrians in a fit of hormonal anger but we are going to have to get used to the masses of the great unwashed walking out in front of us. There is a solution to this though, wind the window down and turn Shania up to 39 on the dial. Spinal tap would be proud.


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