2 Sparkle

The sun shone brightly over the Pennines, the thin ribbon of tarmacadam wound its way across them like a snake. Eighties classic songs wirelessly blue toothed to the sound system in the car were playing at a low volume as we took in the view.

We do this most years on the way to sparkle. This year slightly differently as we weren’t going to stay overnight. I had been working long hours over the week and I had been getting out of bed at 5 in the morning. My body never really gets used to this and over a week I slowly get more and more tired but I still wake early even though I don’t need to get up at the weekend. So there I was standing in the shower and slowly getting myself ready for a day out on Canal Street in Manchester.

I shaved in the shower and made sure I was smooth and fresh for the day. I use a plethora of products to wash away work from my skin and it helps remove the problems of work from my mind. I got out the shower and cocooned myself in three large bath towels, walked into the bedroom and laid on the bed. I could see the sky was blue through the half open curtains. Today would be a good day.

My mind was brought back from its wandering by the sound of a question from Mrs Sox ‘tea dear’? Never one to turn down a cup of tea I gratefully accepted.

Sparkle, despite the attempts of the organizers is pretty much the same every year. It’s not a bad thing, kind of reassuring, and so it was this year.

We walked towards the park and I could hear the sounds coming from the stage as they set things up. The low babble of people having fun was getting louder and my heels were reminding me that while looking pretty, walking in them was not an option and I should slow down.

We were quite early so it was easy to find a table outside Via. We sat down and sipped cool cider in the dappled shade of the trees that line Canal Street. Mrs Sox’s skirt swayed gently in the warm breeze and the smells from the restaurants floated along with it and reminded us that it was lunch time.


Mrs Sox and I decided that it would be nice to have Lunch at Villagio’s. We finished our drinks and started to make our way to the restaurant. At this point we met Sue Richmond

It had been ages since Sue had been out in a dress (reasons for which are on her blog http://suerichmond.blogspot.co.uk/ ), so it was great when she suggested we had lunch together so that we could catch up.

After lunch Mrs Sox and I went to the park, where all the entertainment and stands were. There were more traders there this year. It’s always nice to get a chance to shop.

The bands played and entertained the crowd. The atmosphere was relaxed as we chatted to friends and watched the people wander around. Really great to see everyone enjoying themselves.

We had another cool drink before the clock moved on to the time when we had to head off back home. Perhaps next year we will get organized enough to stay over.

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