To sparkle or not to sparkle that is the question, tis nobler to promenade in a frock than to sit at home and mope.

Well if Mrs Sox and I are going to The Sparkle weekend in Manchester, it will just be for the Saturday as we are busy on the other days doing boring stuff.

It will be my Birthday soon and Mrs Sox is always curious what a t girl like me would like for my special day. As usual I have asked her to shave her pussy, but the problem this year is that the cat has done a runner. Can’t find her anywhere.

We have a new addition to the Sox fleet. It’s a Toyota hybrid Yaris. Mrs Sox is very Happy with the purchase. There is plenty of room for shopping and its very good on fuel. I will be doing a review in full at a later date.

Our weekend In Leeds was the usual fun with plenty of beer drunk and the hotel bed didn’t get much use as it was getting light as I was walking to the hotel.

If you see me and Mrs Sox at sparkle please say hi

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