New Girl

The sun is streaming into the Sox lounge. Flowers are in bloom and the black bird chicks are letting the world know that they are hungry with their loud chirping. I am sat relaxing after another 12 hour shift and reflecting………

It was obvious to me that Dave was a cross dresser. The broken marriage. The earrings were a bit more girly than you would expect for a guy. Shaved legs (there is a changing room at work so we have to change into overalls) and the rash from laser hair removal on his face.

I always wondered if he guessed about me too. How do you broach the subject? Well Dave was further down the road than I guessed. Because he is now a she called Kate.

She came out at work to the management and they got us all together (in Kate’s absence) and told us. I just kept quiet while a couple of jokes were made and everyone said they would be supportive.

The next day the boss came to me and asked me how I felt about it as I was very quiet in the meeting. I said ‘I was fine no bother mate’ I couldn’t out myself.

She looks younger and appears happier than before. No grumpy old man in the mornings just happy Kate asking if I want Tea.

She is very talkative about it all and doesn’t seem to mind the odd slip up with names. It will be interesting to see her transition and I wish her luck and happiness.

Should I direct her to my blog?

Today Kate saw myself and a work colleague trying to sort a problem in the electrical cabinet of a machine. She came over and said ‘I hope you two are being careful in there. I haven’t got a black skirt’ I nearly said ‘you can borrow one of mine’ but then I remembered. She is a different size to me.

4 thoughts on “New Girl

  1. Yes, you have to remember what mode you are in, and that with the skirt a near miss, maybe one day you can open to her.
    I almost spilled the beans by an incident at work last week. I had just arrived in the office and found two of my colleagues where not laughing more amused about something and I was nosy so I walked in to see what was going on. One of the colleague’s son had just graduated and the graduation ball was the day before and that was what they were talking about. On asking, he showed with the index finger and thumb a gap of about 4-5 inches and went on about the girls in high heels with comments on how can they stand let alone walk in those things, must be painful etc. nothing negative just astonishment. Inwardly I had to hold back, I just listened and um-ed and ah-ed in the right places. My “agreement” with them had a more “practical” reason. I had sympathy for the girls not as an onlooker but with hands-on (ok feet-on) experience! If only they knew!
    Love your blog! Really liked the interview with the wife, wish I could tell mine.


  2. I nearly said ‘you can borrow one of mine’ but then I remembered. She is a different size to me…………….Maybe you should have said it anyway………….

    Shirley Anne x


  3. Oh, you should have said it!

    I featured this post on T-Central. Loved the post! Didn’t like to hear of the couple of jokes. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll speak up when I hear jokes like those, but it took me a while to get to that point.


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