A night out beckons…..

It’s been raining and windy most the morning but now the sun is shining and its brilliant light is pouring through the french windows into the lounge, lighting the cream carpet with phosphorous intensity. I can feel its heat warming my bottle-tanned legs and feet as I sit typing on the laptop. The smell of lamb roast smothered in honey is filling Sox towers with its hunger inducing aroma.

I shouldn’t really be feeling hungry, I have just polished off several newly baked cookies and washed them down with a cup of Yorkshires finest breakfast tea but the smell of the roast seems to induce gluttony.

Mrs Sox is trying (I must say successfully) to improve her fitness and lose weight. Whilst Mrs Sox and I were taking a tea break, we worked out that if she went through all the hard work and effort of making cookies then surely the cookies must be calorie neutral. Much the same as if we go to the effort of planting trees, then it’s ok to burn wood. 🙂

The gardens are looking nice too, the summer flowers are starting to bloom lifting my spirits and confirming that the winter efforts of planting and seeding them was all worth the effort. The small gift of nature to put daisies in my law is always accepted at Sox towers with a chance to become little again and sit on the grass making daisy chains.


It’s been absolutely ages since we had a chance to get out and paint the town red so… The opportunity to get out this coming week end was grasped like a starving man clutches a bowl of rice. We shall be in Leeds so if you see us say Hi.

Obviously going out for an evening of libation and frolics leads to the problem of deciding what to wear. The bed is still covered with our dresses and shoes and we still haven’t decided ……. 5 more days to decide, an evening shopping trip might be in order……….


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