Another busy few weeks without being able to glam up much. On the positive side my blog has received a feature on T central and has nominated me for the ‘real neat blog award’. Daniella, thanks for the nomination. I will be answering your questions later in the week.

We have just gone through a period of nice weather and I was able to take a few glamour type pictures when I got away from work early one afternoon. One of my favourites is below.

On a down side my trusty Samsung s3 slipped from my hand and as if in slow motion twirled in the air and landed heavily on its face, I was unable to resuscitate it and so it has departed this mortal coil and gone to mobile phone heaven. R.I.P. Samsung S3

I have bought a Samsung s5 as its replacement. I am really impressed with the camera on it and have put a picture on the Sox garden page. Long live Samsung S5


me and one of the bikes


2 thoughts on “Thanks

    1. Your blog along with Lynn Jones blog was a key factor in me starting a blog. I thank you both for that. You mention a blog roll….I didn’t realise that wordpress had got rid of this particular widget and i had no proper links to other blogs. So its now sorted with the links widget. Its not perfect but now I have a link to a few blogs. So over time I will add more.


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