Interview with a wife.

There are countless blogs from cross-dressers on the internet but not many from their partners. I thought I would let Mrs Sox have a bit of a say and do a couch interview, like they do on the television. Hopefully the answers to the questions will enlighten and inform. So without further ado…………….

Good evening Mrs Sox

I thought I would get straight in with the usual burning questions on most people’s lips when talking to a cross dresser.

Q. Who is better at make up ?

A. Long pause….. you practise more than me…..I suppose I have to say you.

Q.Have I got good or bad fashion sense ?


Q.What’s the worse thing about living with a cross dresser?

A.Mess in the bathroom….makeup everywhere

Q.What’s the best thing about living with a cross dresser

A.Girly conversations about clothes and when I ask you ‘how do I look?’ you no longer say ‘fine’ without looking, instead you look properly and say things like ‘I prefer you in that black top’ , that type of thing.

Q.Can you put into words how you felt when you found out I was a cross dresser.

A.No. Still not sure how I feel.

Q.Will you ever forgive me for not telling you sooner?

A.Nothing to forgive. Because I understand why you didn’t tell me.

Q.Do you think I turn into a different person when dressed?


Q.Better or worse

A.Just different

Which do you prefer;-

Q.New shoes or meal out?

A.Wearing my new shoes when having a meal out

Q.Skirt or jeans


Q.My Legs or bottom


Q.Love in an elevator or sex on the beach

A.Sex on the beach

Q.Star Trek or Star wars

A.Star Trek

Q.What is your favourite nail varnish

A.Miss sporty 3197 sparkly and bright red

Q.Do you think I am a bit insane for asking these questions and posting them on the net

A.Yes a little bit, but it’s that’s ok, I still love you.

Q.Do you think all these cakes will make me fat?

A.No because you have a metabolism

And Finally…

Q.What advice would give to other wives?

A.Everyone’s different. Give yourself time and don’t be too hard on yourself or your partner and talk to each other. It’s not the end of the world.

Lots of tea and cake were consumed during this interview and I didn’t put on any weight in the process.

10 thoughts on “Interview with a wife.

  1. I loved reading this, maybe I should do an interview with my Transgender gf. I have a blog that is our story line. She doesn’t enjoy blogging as much as I do. ❤ love your blog bobby!


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